4 Tips to Learn Linux

4 Tips to Learn Linux

Tips to learn linux

How to learn a Linux? this is a very difficult operating system. I can’t to learn linux. Please help me.

Don’t worry, I also experienced difficult when I tried learning Linux. But I don’t want to give up. I trust my self, I know I can.

And today on this article. I will be share how i learn Linux.

1. Learn Linux on Books

This is good thing to learn linux. We can buy some books to learn linux.

But, if you dont have a time or money to buy a books you can get a free books on this link.

Get a free books to learn linux : 25 Free Books to Learn Linux

Keep Enjoy 🙂

2. Join on the Forum

When I have a problem with my Linux, I search a solution in google or another search engine. But if I can’t get a solution, I will make a question on Linux forum and hope to get a solutions others member on the forum.

Other than that, in forum we can get a new information, science, tips, tools, and other.

there are many forums about Linux, one of which is a

If you want to register on site, visit this link

Register member :

3. Learn Linux with Watch a Video

This is a good idea to improve your skills on Linux. With video, we can learn quickly and be easy to understand.

We can get videos about Linux on youtube. One of them is the Joseph Delgadillo channel.

On this channel, Josep give a tutorial to learn linux. Starting Form, Hacking, Basic Command, Network System, and Other.

If you want to learn Linux on he channel you can visit this link

Learn Linux With Video: Joseph Delgadillo

4. Join The Linux Community

the purpose is the same as the second point. We can get a new information and Exchange Ideas with other member

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